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natural cork caves for terrariums +info

In our online store you can find different forms of natural and virgin cork products exclusively manufactured for terrariums. In nature, the bark of the cork oak is a natural refuge for a multitude of animal species. These caves are obtained directly from the first layer that the cork oak produces (virgin cork). They are therefore 100% natural and an essential element in the decoration of terrariums.

Corkshopbcn is an online store specialized in products derived from cork.

Cork, besides being a sustainable and natural product, is a product with very different applications used since many years in a variety of sectors.

In the online shop you will find an extnsive catalog of cork products how natural cork caves for terrariums, acoustic cork , cork insulation , sale of cork stoppers , cork floating floor, cork parquet flooring , cork factory , cork for acoustic insulation , buy cork stoppers and many others. If you have any doubts about natural cork caves for terrariums we recommend you get in touch with us so that we can help you with advice without obligation.

Corkshopbcn team have an extensive experience in the manufacture of cork products with over 50 years. This knowledge allow us to offer the highest quality products like natural cork caves for terrariums and increased efficiency in customer care.