Aglocork Acoustic

Agglomerated natural cork for acoustic insulation.
Sheets of 1000x500 mm. Available in various thicknesses.
Acoustic absorption: 0,65-0,85  

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Cork is one of the best insulation materials present in the world. Can be used in different ways to get a better acoustic insulation. You can put under wood floor, ceramics tiles or other floor systems, but also, like wall covering or inside wall for insulation purpose. Some of this applications have other benefits like get a decorative wall or thermal insulation. For these reason cork is one of the better products and most often used in construction. Do you need acoustic cork? Have any questions? Contact us to help you choose better product for your needs.

In the online store Corkshopbcn of the company Barnacork will find some of the most extensive catalogs of products derived from cork.

Cork, besides being a sustainable and natural product, is a product with very different applications used since many years in a variety of sectors.

In our store has available an extensive catalog of products like acoustic cork, cork factory , cork for boat decking , cork for walls , cork for terrariums, cork stoppers , cork yoga , boards , stoppers and among others. If you have any queries about acoustic cork we advise you to contact us so we can help you personally.

Corkshopbcn team have an extensive experience in the manufacture of cork products with over 50 years. This knowledge allow us to offer the highest quality products like acoustic cork and increased efficiency in customer care.


    Acoustic aglocork es constructed of granules of natural cork conglomerated using water-based biodegradable adhesives.
    For use in applications of acoustico insulation. It is very effective in reducing aircraft noise as well as in impact and acoustic absorption. 
    It is also very useful as a thermal and antivibratory insulator.

    The Acoustic Aglocork is a product ideal for eliminating noises of neighbouring residences. Economical and easy to put up, you can leave it  as it is, although it's advisable to cover it with plaster, wood, plasterboard or any other type of covering. 
    The thicker the insulation the more effective it is as an insulator. 
    It is applied with quick-dry glue.

    Another very common application is as an acoustic insulator under parquet or laminated wood flooring. The application of 10 mm of cork, under the paving, reduces considerably the noise of footsteps, high-heels, movements of chairs, thuds, etc.

    Dimension of the sheets: 100x500 mm
    Thicknesses available:

         10 mm : Box of 10 sheets of 1000x500x10 mm (5 m2 per box)
         20 mm : Box of 8 sheets of 1000x500x20 mm (4 m2 per box)
         30 mm : Box of 5 sheets of 1000x500x30 mm (2.5 m2 per box)
         40 mm : Box of 4 sheets of 1000x500x40 mm (2 m2 per box)
         50 mm : Box of 3 sheets of 1000x500x50 mm (1.5 2 per box)

    MaterialNatural cork chipboard
    Additives2% glue Biocol BO 415 (biodegradable)
    Thermal conductivity coefficient0.043- 0.051 W/m.ºC
    Density160 - 180 Kg/m3
    Dimensions1000 x 500 mm

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Aglocork Acoustic

Aglocork Acoustic

Agglomerated natural cork for acoustic insulation.
Sheets of 1000x500 mm. Available in various thicknesses.
Acoustic absorption: 0,65-0,85  

Price per box

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