Sheets of Non-slip Nauticork with Grooves


Sheets of non-slip Nauticork 
Length 1 metre. Width 50 y 65 mm. Thickness 6 mm.
With grooves of 4x4 mm for grouting. Without paper covering.

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    One of the multiple applications of Nauticork is for the decking of walkways in marine vessels for sports and recreation. The unique thermal, acoustic and non-slip characteristcs of cork make it an ideal material for decking in cockpits, walkways, cabins, etc.

    Nauticork provides comfort and safety with every step taken, especially when it is wet. Having cork installed prevents slipping and falling, and is especially ideal for vessels with children on board.

    It also provides the boat with additional acoustic and thermal insulation, regulates the temperature of the interior cabins and reduces the level of noise in the interior of the cabins.

    Very easy to install, it is the perfect material for sailors that want and like to personally make improvements to their vessel. Easy to cut using a cutter, it is applied to the surface with products used in grouting. Sikaflex or MStech from the brand Ceys are some of those used by our clients.

    It doesn't require maintenance, is easy to clean with water, and is resistanrt to oils and hydrocarbons. For fishing enthusiasts, Nauticork is the perfect product for cockpits, as it is not damaged by blood or inks such as those secreted by tuna, squid and octopus. It is easy to clean using water and a cloth without leaving any type of debris or stains

    It is resistant to the outdoors and marine environment. It is important to take into account that due to the action of the sun it discolours slightly. This takes place uniformly maintaining a lighter tone than the original in all the areas exposed to solar radiation. Once the colour is established it no longer varies.

    We can supply virgin material or that with a paper covering. This covering allows for sealing between the strips using silicon. Once dry the covering is peeled away, avoiding the process of sanding necessary when using other materials. With Nauticork, you can reform your boat in a way that is economical, aesthetically appealing and efficient.


    MaterialNatural agglomerated cork with nitrile
    FinishPolished, with groove of 4 x 4 mm on one side
    Density750 - 900 Kg/m3
    HeightAvailable in 3 y 6 mm
    WidthAvailable in 50 y 65 mm
    Length1 metre in length.
    Weight0.9 Kg/mm/m2
    Granule Size0.5 - 1 mm

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    Sheets of Non-slip Nauticork with Grooves

    Sheets of Non-slip Nauticork with Grooves

    Sheets of non-slip Nauticork 
    Length 1 metre. Width 50 y 65 mm. Thickness 6 mm.
    With grooves of 4x4 mm for grouting. Without paper covering.

    Price per unit

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